Daily Resolution Challenge

Believe it or not, we are just a little over two weeks away from 2016! Most of the time, I set these huge, crazy, unrealistic resolutions for myself that I really have no intention of keeping. This year, I wanted to try something different. Something simple. Because our little daily choices in the right direction make us stronger.

I have designed these daily resolution challenge cards for the Hey, Sweet Human Etsy shop to inspire your new year. After conquering your daily challenge, I encourage you to consider leaving your card behind to pay it forward and inspire the one who finds it.

It is $22 for 48 cards, with a percentage of proceeds going to suicide prevention. Order yours right here. Also: tomorrow is the last day to place orders that you’d like to have arrive before Christmas! [Hint hint…these make pretty rad gifts.]

While you’re in my shop, check out some of the other sweet products, such as prints, greeting cards, matte framed prints, shadow box prints, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood frames, and more! And don’t forget–a percentage of ALL products goes to suicide prevention. Thank you for your love and support this holiday season!






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