Intentional Hat Hair & Minimal-Mineral Makeup

I’m not going to lie. I enjoy my brief moments of girly glory, but I truly love beauty routines that make me feel good without spending an hour getting ready. My recent travels have me spending this beautiful November in Ojai, so I’m keeping it natural for fall on the farm. You know, the kind of makeup and hair that works for shooting BB Guns by day and going out to dinner on the town by night. So, I’m sharing a ridiculously simple morning-to-evening transition that gives you a quick, effortless, and lovely look.

Wash your hair and let it air dry. Next, apply a touch of Rosebud Salve (one of my new favorite all-over products. I use it on my lips, face, and hair) to the tips for some natural, yet conditioning waves. Grab your favorite beanie, and you know what to do. Hide. Behind. The. Hat. Hair. The tight beanie will keep the top of your head covered and flattened throughout the day, which will prepare you for a no-fuss, no time needed evening hairdo (as you’ll see at the bottom of this post).

Begin by applying rosebud salve to your lips for moisture and to your eyelashes for a natural look. I used Bare minerals complexion rescue, 30 SPF tinted moisturizer and concealer with matte mineral veil powder to seal it all in for the day. This makeup is fantastic for dry weather, keeping skin hydrated but not greasy. For bold brows, I used NYX espresso pod. The natural lip color is NYX long-lasting soft matte lip cream in Stockholm.

For the evening look, simply let your beanie do your hair during the day, flattening out the top and creating a slight wave at the bottom. Take it off and use a little more rosebud salve for any fly-aways. Add a necklace, a touch of mascara, NYX matte lip cream in Copenhagen, and you’re ready to go.


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