Lazy Saturday Beauty

Saturdays are for sleeping in and being comfy (yes, this photo was taken in bed, bundled in the most cozy comforter ever). It’s good to let our skin breath from the week’s makeup routine, but it’s still nice to have that simple glow, accentuating our natural features, if/when we have to leave the mattress.

This morning, I crawled out of bed bright and early to take my dog to the groomer and get my caffeine fix, and didn’t want to spend unnecessary time and energy on my appearance…because sleep. Today, I am sharing my lazy Saturday 3 minute beauty routine that allows you to roll out of bed and just be you. On the weekends, I usually skip foundation and eye makeup and opt for a fresh look that’s easy and quick.

Get My Look:
-Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for SPF protection and a natural glow
-Jane Iredale organic, natural lip and cheek stain in coral
-NYX espresso eyebrow gel for bold brows
-Homemade sea salt hairspray: get a spray bottle and fill with water, pink sea salt, and a touch of coconut oil. Spray generously from root to tip for natural beach waves.

If you’re getting all dolled up for Halloween tonight, let your skin breath today with this natural look. Enjoy!

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