Fresh-Faced Fall Makeup for under $25

I love simple, minimal makeup that accentuates our true, authentic beauty. I’ve never been a “makeup” person or a super girly girl, and my beauty routine takes less than 5 minutes. The reason I love it is because after a season of losing myself, fighting for myself, and striving for self worth, I can look in the mirror and see a physical representation of the inner strength and dignity I have held onto. It’s more than makeup. It’s not just about appearances. As Bob Goff says, “Jesus wouldn’t use mud to heal people if he cared what we look like.” 🙂

That being said, today I am sharing a way to make your natural features pop with just 5 makeup items for less than $25 total! This fall, I have ditched the heavy makeups that weighed me down, and have traded them in for a fresh-faced look with bold lips and brows. I haven’t been wearing eyeliner, but instead have highlighted with bright eyes. My daily products are:

Loreal Voluminous Mascara in true black – $5
NYX Brow Filler in chocolate brown – $4
NYX long lasting matte lip stain in Copenhagen for red fall lips – $3
ELF under eye concealer (I also use this as eyeshadow and dab a bit extra in the corners of my eyes for an open, bright look) – $2
Maybelline FIT Me matte pore less powder (I use the natural beige shade) – $8

Enjoy your makeup. Have fun with it. Get creative. It can be art. It can be therapy. It can be a reminder. It can be truth. It can be a physical, tangible way to express the love and beauty you radiate. Just always let it be from the inside out.

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