I am a shark.


I am a shark.

I can commiserate and find home in the pack that surrounds me.

I find solace in my solitude. I may disappear for a while, but I am not leaving you behind.

I am both a pack animal and a loner.

I am loyal and constant.

I am fearless yet careful.

I am stubborn and strong-willed.

The night ignites me.

I am an observer beneath the surface, watching life sometimes as a wallflower on the ocean floor.

I will protect you. I will fight for you…strength heightened, awareness intensified. I will venture for you. I will feed and nurture you.

I am often misunderstood. People have come up with their own definitions of my who, what, and why.

I can be kind, sensitive, and gentle. I can also hurt and be hurt. I am capable of great damage and incredible repair.

I am deeply submerged into the world. Completely immersed in life.

I am alert. I see. I think. I feel. I perceive.

My instincts are acute. Intuitions are potent.

You won’t hear me coming, but my purpose is powerful.

I am not afraid of the dark. I move gently through the darkness–it is not blinding or crippling.

I will eat everything, digest and process it all. No experience is wasted.

I will trust you with discretion.

I move with motive and caution. Watching from all angles, protecting my [he]art.

I am a secure wanderer.

No matter how far I travel, I know where my home lies. I know where I belong.

I am a shark.

I am strong, but I am not invincible. I am fierce, frail, and wonderfully made.

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