Black & Green: Fall Style on a Budget

Fall is a perfect time for combining classic looks with some fresh, new trends. Black is something I wear a lot of, and it’s great because it gives you a timeless and versatile style that’s also gentle on the wallet. However, I have to remind myself to add a touch of color every once in a while. Muted forest/army green is one of my favorite pops of color for fall, and today, my beautiful friend Nikki and I are showing you how to rock this color combination.


Everything I’m wearing in today’s post is incredibly affordable and from Forever 21. For me, fashion has to be fun and functional, so you’ll notice that today’s styles are a mix of classic and laid-back. This light, flowing black skirt and tom-boy jacked make “going out” fall fashion incredibly comfortable.



You can change up this look depending on the occasion by wearing sandals, boots, or dressing it up with heels.


Have fun with fashion this season, and remember to personalize your style by adding your favorite accessories to make it your own (I’m wearing my Mimi’s gold tomahawk necklace). XO!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. The red lippie completes the look perfectly!

  2. I am guilty of wearing a lot of black also. I have to remember your words and add a little color every now and then! 🙂

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