{Almost} Fall Fashion in LA for under $15 //

Fall in Los Angeles means that one day it’s 70 degrees and rainy, and the next it is 100 and sunny. After months of heat, I am more than ready to bundle up in tons of layers. However, Southern California is a bit behind my temperature schedule. The struggle is real when you are ready for fall fashion but are ahead of the weather…but not to worry. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite {almost} fall looks for these warmer October days.

Steal my style:
In the photo above, my entire outfit is under $15 from H&M…
Beanie – $3
Crop tank – $3
High wasted shorts – $8

For the rare moments of cooler air in October here, I layer almost every outfit with parents’ big red flannel (I stole it from them last time I was in Georgia).


Favorite lips of the season:
NYX matte lip cream in the Amsterdam shade, $4.99. This is my daily go-to lip color.


Enjoy your almost-fall fashion with this affordable, effortless look. Happy October!


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