Be Boundless //

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“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul; you have a body.”

Growing up in Florida, the majority of my childhood memories include heat and humidity. Most days after school, I would finish my homework as quickly as possible (making my big brother secretly help me) so that I could go jump in the pool. While this happened quite often, there is one summer day that I will never forget…one of the first times I experienced something I couldn’t understand or explain.

My Papa had been living with us for a while as he battled his melanoma. To get some fresh air and exercise, he would take afternoon swims in the pool with me…his paper thin, porcelain pale, already-cancer covered skin lathered in SPF 100. Papa and I were warming up to it, dipping just our toes into the clear, cool water. They say that scent is the strongest of the senses…and I will truly never forget the combination of his sunscreen and aftershave combining with the also very potent smell of chlorine. I was eight years old and the tiniest in my class, as usual. All in an instant, I remember him taking one single step…and suddenly everything froze.

Time stood still as I watched both of his feet come out from under his large, yet frail, adult body…his entire physical being tilting in slow motion, me knowing that his head would soon hit the hard concrete. All I remember is reaching around him with my little arms…grabbing onto my Papa with all of my might. I began to pull him toward me…and judging by his smooth arrival with feet placed back on steady ground, and the look of shock and disbelief on my mother’s face as she watched this quick moment happen from behind the sliding glass door, it occurred to me that something miraculous had taken place.

Roaring laughter erupted from my Papa’s gut, as he let out a sincere and confused, “How did you do that, little lady?”

To this day, I don’t have the answer to that question. How did eight year old little lady lift up a grown man? We hear stories about mothers lifting cars off of babies. Just yesterday, I was shown a video of a young man who was kicking a fence, playing with it, and suddenly looked up and turned in the other direction. That same moment, a car came crashing through the fence. Do we consider it all coincidence? Credit it purely to adrenaline? Or is it possible that there is more…that this thing called our intuition that we so often ignore is deeper than we ever imagined?

Yesterday, one of my best friends, Zhailon Levingston, preached a powerful sermon at our church. It left me pondering the significance of my spirituality…my soul…this huge part of me, no, the ME that is neglected while the physical, emotional, and intellectual take precedence. He said,

“The spirit is everywhere, always moving and flowing and waiting to collide with our awareness of it.”

This is what happened when I lifted my Papa. It’s not the my spirit suddenly stepped in. It has always been there. But it collided with the physical world…it disrupted any logic I could seek. I was aware of more. Zhailon went on to say,

“Trying to meet a force that is limitless with something that can only measure limits (the mind) is an illogical practice. The body will fail. The mind can only take us so far. The spirit is the only force contained and boundless, held within and shared with the universe. Connecting one to the whole. It is the God in us that moves with the god around us into God in the other.”

There is more to us, to this planet, to this universe than the tangible, understandable facts. Science, and life, is ever changing. My eyes witnessed a blood moon just last night. I wake this morning to various articles telling me there is water on Mars. If our intellectual world can evolve, so can our understanding of our spirituality. This week, I challenge you to connect to your true self…your spirit…to open your eyes to miracles…to be okay with not having all the answers, and knowing that perhaps it’s really because the truth is already in the depths of your soul. There is more. We are more. Be boundless.

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