Macarons of Los Angeles

Those who know me are aware of my macaron addiction. It all began with my first chocolate bite from Laduree, which a friend brought me from her trip to Paris. Yes, starting out with macarons from Paris set the bar pretty high for my taste buds. Since that first perfect cookie, I’ve also had macarons from Seattle, NYC, San Francisco, and of course, LA.

I’ve been talking about doing this post FOREVER, and after a strenuous year of research, it is finally time. Today, I am sharing my top 3 favorite places to get the best macarons in Los Angeles (so far!).


1. Bottega Louie
Part of the macaron experience is in the atmosphere, and if you can’t eat yours in Paris, I believe that Louie is the next best place. This gorgeous restaurant is pure magic. The macaron(s) of your choice will be topped with edible glitter and placed inside a lovely box you won’t want to throw away.
Favorite Flavors: Earl Grey and Chocolate Mint

2. Lette
Beverly Hills & Glendale Galleria
What I love most about Lette is that their macarons are always fresh and packed with tastes that truly leave a lasting impression. They have really fun seasonal flavors, such as: apple cinnamon, green tea, pumpkin, and candy cane.
Favorite Flavors: Earl Grey and Coconut

3. Napoleon’s
Glendale Americana
Napoleon’s is one of my favorite places to grab a macaron for an evening stroll. Located in a quaint kiosk at the Americana, you can people watch, shop, and take in the city lights while enjoying a delicious treat.
Favorite Flavors: Blueberry Lavender and Rose

My Los Angeles macaron tasting tour isn’t over yet, so stay tuned for more research to come. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

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