Balanced Perspective


For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking pictures and capturing moments. Much like writing, it never gets old. It just feels like something I need to do…I can feel it in my chest, this burning desire to express myself by freezing time (through words or photos) and sharing these memories with the world. These are also two of the only things in my life I have been able to get completely caught up in…that I can spend all day getting lost in…so much that I even forget to take breaks to eat. I think this means I must love it? (Though, I love food as well, and need to learn how to be a better snack packer!)

As I write this, I am up in the air flying to Seattle for one of my best friend’s weddings. Over caffeinated from 3 cups of airline coffee, I thought I would share this small realization I had about photography.

While photographing a fashion shoot the other day, it dawned on me that during this difficult season of life, I was allowing this form of art to be my therapy. I found a new healthy way of processing, digesting, and refocusing. As a writer, this is often my way of expressing what I’m going through and opening up about parts of my journey. However, as an introverted writer, this can be dangerous and crippling. Writing can keep me in my head…causing me to internalize too much…to ponder alone…to live in a silence that is so loud it feels violent at times. Writing is my favorite thing in the world, but can cause me to focus on myself far more than I need to.

At the photo shoot last Saturday, the tables turned. I traded my usual silence for a vibrant playlist I made (Twenty One Pilots, Hillsong, Jack’s Mannequin, MC Yogi, Panic at the Disco, Bon Jovi, The Script, Iron and Wine, and more). I swapped my hours of sitting surrounded by white walls for a full day of running around…directing poses, sifting through mountains of color, makeup, lace, sequins, and tutus, and capturing various moments. Instead of internalizing and focusing in, the lens was focusing outward on others…noticing the beauty all around me…filling me with deep gratitude and greater perspective.

Writing is my love. But photography is this beautiful, therapeutic, much needed balance. I felt healthier. I was exhausted at the end of the day, not just from my own mental world, but from pouring into others…using my body, mind, heart, and soul. This allowed me to feel refreshed enough to type these words to you. It filled me up so I can pour out to others once again.

Life is beautiful, friends. And today I am so grateful for art…for expression…for the many forms that can take on in order for us to find sanity in our lives that becomes fuel for our journey.

{Styled by: TanCandy Vintage
Modeled by: Rachel & Tanya}





2 thoughts on “Balanced Perspective

  1. Love this Rachael! I am also an introvert and I find photography really does help to keep me in the moment and out of my head! On family holidays and special occasions I am the one with the camera. My husband is always like ‘put down the camera! experience the moment!’ but the best way for me to experience the moment fully is behind a camera! I see things I wouldn’t see otherwise because I would be distracted by my thoughts. Not only do I get the fun of being in the moment and creating something at the same time, but my kids get wicked photo albums to flick through and relive their achievements and holiday adventures. Photography rocks 🙂 (incidently, my first relative to move to NZ on my mum’s side of the family in the 1860’s set up the first photographic studio in Auckland. Is it any wonder my Mum, sister and I carry a camera with us everywhere? 😉 we just say it’s in our genes!)

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