The Perception of Beauty


{Disclaimer: I actually had a true moment of, “I can’t believe I’m posting this!” as I was writing. However, that is exactly the point. Here goes.}

Admit it, ladies. We’ve all done it. Every girl has those days where we wake up, look in the mirror, and just don’t like what we see. Having a bad hair day or unpleasant moment is one thing, but our thoughts and negative self-talk can actually cause longterm damage. Each time we speak something hateful over our own lives, we are planting these new seeds of self-consciousness, doubt, and a lack of worth that continue to grow in our hearts and minds, leading to deeply rooted insecurities that we can’t cut out easily.

Today, I am making a fool of myself and sharing a ridiculous trick that I learned during one of my “hating on myself” days. Back in January, I was hanging out with my dear friend/sister/spirit animal, Coco, in Miami. On this particularly beautiful Florida day, we wanted to go out on the town, go shopping, grab dinner, and just do some typical girl stuff. We both found ourselves trying on everything in Coco’s closet {yes, I stole her clothes many a time}, yet coming up unsatisfied. Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we began to say awful things about ourselves, hating on our hair, makeup, body types, clothing, you name it.

We forced ourselves to go out, despite our serious desire to just hide under a rock for the day. While shopping, I saw this enormous denim jumpsuit, that we now refer to as my ‘Joe Dirt’ attire. I burst into uncontrollable laughter the moment I saw this incredible work of fashion, and I immediately headed for the dressing room. As my tiny body was swimming in a sea of denim and snap buttons (completely losing site of any shape I once had), a strange joy came over me. Seeing how ridiculous I looked in this outfit made me much happier to go back to what I felt most comfortable in: being myself. Next time you’re finding it difficult to love how you look, do something crazy. Try on something you hate. Be silly and ridiculous. And remember that the real you is insanely gorgeous.

Life is short.
Love yourself.
Speak life.
Have fun.
Laugh at yourself.
Skip embarrassment.
Change it up.
Shake it off.
Try on something hideous.
Remember how truly, authentically beautiful you are without even trying. Inside and out.

PS-best part? This gem was a whopping $89 at Urban Outfitters. Had it not been so expensive, I probably would have added it to my wardrobe just for days like that.



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