What kind of woman are you?

I was talking to a dear friend earlier on this International Women’s Day about what kind of women we truly want to be. It has been an interesting season of life, and appearances/striving to be a perfectionist has always been important to me. That has slowly been fading, the facades being stripped away, so that I am able to step into who I truly am.

So, here’s some of what we came up with:

I will be okay with the silly, wild, weird and free inside of me//
I will smile so big that my cheeks make my eyes close//
I will be a woman with contagious laughter and joy//
I will love myself with humility, yet great depth, so that I am able to love others well//
I will have ears that listen and eyes that see the good in others and focus on their needs//
I will adventure//
I will eat more macarons//
I will give more//
I will live in the moment without fear of the future//
I will always strive to continue owning the woman God designed me to be//
I will be unapologetically, authentically me.

This is a beautiful day to celebrate what the modern “Proverbs 31 woman” is really all about. Happy lady day, my friends.

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