Drunk on Jesus

IMG_4541.PNG-Tim Keller

Being a “writer” wasn’t really a conscious choice I made at a certain point in time. Having introverted tendencies my entire life, I have always internalized and processed well through writing down my thoughts. This manifests in various forms of writing…journaling, blogging, books, poems, raps, songs, etc.

When it comes to writing songs, I can’t say that I’ve written many bubbly, “happy” ones. However, my music is far from some of the sad, emo that I listened to in high school (guilty as charged). When I write a song, it is my way of digesting a situation. The song I am sharing today was written during one of my darkest moments where I felt unworthy of God’s presence.

I wrote “Drunk on Jesus” down on a blank page in my journal, and it was inspired by a moment in my life when I realized some powerful things about myself and my relationship with God. I realized that we are always filling up on something, seeking something or someone to make us whole. Will I choose Jesus? Do I truly believe he is enough?

Through trial and error as a very imperfect human being, I am here to share the message that it is never too late for you, and you are never too far gone. God’s grace is sufficient. He loves us still. He is capable of redeeming even the most broken pieces of us and shaping them into a beautiful story. I am living proof that God uses all things…that even our mistakes can be molded and vindicated into something of worth, something that can inspire others.

This song is also featuring my amazing, talented friend, Megan Tibbits, who was a finalist on ABC’s Rising Star. Another creatively skilled friend of mine, Elena Creed, made a lyric video that you can watch below. Give the song a listen, and rest in the truth that through all our mistakes, flaws, and failures, God redeems and makes all things new.

One thought on “Drunk on Jesus

  1. Well done Rachael! You have a lovely voice. Yes, nothing but Him. Nothing but His love, His blood, His truth and Living Water! Hallelujah! Drink Him in!

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