Creative Mentorships


For almost two years, I have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity and privilege to be a part of Delight and Be as a mentor, big sister, and leader for young women. At age 17, I moved out to Los Angeles from Florida to pursue my career in the entertainment industry. While Hollywood is not an easy place to discover who you are as a young woman, I realize even now at age 23 that in today’s culture, it isn’t easy for anyone no matter where they live. Community is the glue that has held me together. Authentic, genuine accountability and friendship is an extremely rare and precious gift that has absolutely changed my life.

There is a quote from one of my favorite books, Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, that so eloquently states this truth:

“The physical presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer.”

Wherever you find yourself on this day, I encourage you to take a moment, stop what you’re doing, and jump in your time machine. Travel back to your teenage years…specifically when you were between the ages of 13-21. Regardless of your experience, I think we can all agree that growing into the young women God designed us to be is no easy task…especially when we attempt to do this on our own.

For the past year and a half, God has transformed my life through Delight. Delight is home…Delight is family…Delight is a place where I now have hundreds of little sisters and big sisters to do life with.

Delight is the place where creative girls, ages 13-21 can experience the unconditional love of God, growing closer to Him while simultaneously growing closer in community to hundreds of other young women who remind them that they are not alone. Being a teenager isn’t easy and it can be especially difficult when you’re a ‘creative weirdo’ that doesn’t fit the mold. But in Delight, ‘weird’ is the norm. Creatives are free to be who God created them to be: unique, quirky, silly, and fun daughters of the King.

Today, we are launching the LAST part of our campaign for Delight! We are sharing mentorship offers with some incredibly talented professional artists. I am absolutely honored and excited to be donating my time as a mentor for acting or writing. 100% of the money from these skype mentorships will go to Delight (to fund the house for young women, scholarships, and more!), and each of us artists are gladly donating our time and services because we believe in this cause!

If you know a creative young woman who could use a mentor in any of the areas below, you will be investing in her future while simultaneously investing the futures of hundreds of young ladies through Delight!

Music or graphic design…




Childhood photography…


Marketing or wedding photography…


Senior photography…


What started as a retreat for photographers has now grown into a ministry that celebrates all areas of the creative arts. We are excited for this upcoming year as we have plans to really focus on these seven areas: Theater/Drama, Culinary Arts, Music, Graphic Arts (graphic design, drawing, painting, etc), Photography/Videography, Dance, and Writing/Blogging.

We want to see every single creative young lady find purpose in her God-given gifts and talents. Thank you for helping invest in the futures of these incredible young women.

***These mentorships are first come first serve. If you are interested, please email

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