Where Dreams are Cultivated


A couple years ago, with numb fingers, stiff crossed legs, and my largest ugly sweater to keep me warm, I sat on the damp grass of an Encino soccer field and blogged while the 5 year old boy I used to nanny was running around at soccer practice. In my idealistic, introverted world, I prefer to have complete silence, peace, and solitude while working and writing. However, throughout the different seasons of life, reality sometimes gets in the way of our preferences.

It wasn’t easy writing and blogging on the cold, dewy sidelines accompanied by the banter of 30 little boys. But I knew that to be faithful to the dreams God had entrusted me to, and to ever fulfill my purpose, I needed to take advantage of the tiny moments where I was able to do what I was made to do. I have learned over the years that no one else will make my dreams come true…the people around me will not always bend to make it easier for me to flourish. I am responsible for how much, or how little, I thrive.

I used to make a lot of excuses for why I wasn’t really stepping out in faith, working hard, and chasing my dreams. I felt that my dreams and passions just weren’t conducive to my lifestyle. It is still an ongoing challenge for me to find the self-discipline to be motivated and push forward, as my current situation is far from perfect, and definitely still has it’s share of distractions.

Books are created in tiny studio apartments…
Screenplays are written on un-air conditioned living room floors…
Song lyrics are scribbled into journals while working a side job…

Your dreams don’t require a perfected atmosphere to come to fruition. They simply require your willingness. Start with a blank page, a really strong cup of coffee, and a whole lot of gumption.

One thought on “Where Dreams are Cultivated

  1. Thank you so much for this! Here at college, it’s so easy to put off writing or creating because I prefer to be alone to do those things, but that’s not possible most of the time.

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