The Secrets Music Tells


“Music expresses that which cannot be said, on which it is impossible to be silent.”

-Victor Hugo

The rich and robust sound made when the bow first touched the strings of the cello this morning filled Redeemer church. Interesting, how a sound coming from one single person, one single instrument, actually silenced the pews filled with many busy, chatty people from the city. This music brought immense warmth to my soul, so much so that I almost felt my numbed New York City finger tips come back to life in the presence of it’s fire.

Growing up, my dad owned his own piano store, so I was raised with a great appreciation for instrumental music. The beauty is that it ignites the imagination. Hearing someone play cello, piano, or even Spanish guitar leads me to believe they are sharing a tiny part of a secret with me. My imagination begins to unravel their story with each lingering note.

I love beautiful art that doesn’t exploit and give it all away…the kind of art that leaves it up to us to come to a conclusion…leaves us pondering, dreaming, thinking, and desiring. The wonder found in instrumental music is that we are able to get creative…imagine…close our eyes…evoke our own emotion…feel deeply…daydream. The notes of the instruments are pieces of the puzzle, little secrets, and the lack of lyrics leave us to finish the puzzle in our minds.

Music is personal and universal. A language we all speak, yet touches us so individually. In our fast paced, instant gratification, technology-filled culture, I believe that we have lost the art of enjoying music. Have we forgotten what it feels like to be in awe of the sound? To allow a cellist to sweep us off our feet or a pianist to paint a picture.

Below is a beautiful piece that I love dearly. Give it a listen sometime today. Close your eyes. Allow your mind to daydream, wonder, and become awestruck. Afterward, consider journaling your thoughts, visions, and what came to your mind or heart upon listening. Enjoy the secrets music tells.

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