“Girls Interrupted”: I am co-hosting a new talk show for women!

Girls Interrupted LOGO

Hey, ladies! I am SO excited to finally announce that I am co-hosting a new online talk show, “Girls Interrupted”, with my lovely friend, Ashlee Brown! We actually met years ago through a women’s bible study I led in my old studio apartment, and it’s pretty amazing to watch how God orchestrates and brings people together for some amazing things!

Ashlee is a red carpet host who will be providing our single lady input! I will be speaking from the newly married point of view.  As Hollywood women, we decided to combine forces and start our own talk show! 

What makes “Girls Interrupted” unique is that it’s not just girl talk. Many Christian women avoid the tough subjects, but living in Hollywood, we are IN IT. We aren’t afraid to interrupt culture, media, and our way of doing relationships and lifestyle as young women. We aren’t experts, but simply two ladies hoping to be role models, inspiring women to flourish and make healthy choices. This show will have interviews, discussions, talking about people in media, cooking, fashion, and we will be providing a fresh new perspective on life as a well-rounded woman! Take a look at our intro video below:

Stay tuned for new episodes coming out consistently, and leave us a comment letting us know what topics YOU want to hear about! We will be launching our first episode next week.

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