Who Wants a Normal Life?


Lately, life has been the most beautiful and wonderful blessing, but also chaotic and confusing. My schedule always seems to be different (if I even have a schedule), and my car started having some issues, which left me stranded at home for a while.

In the midst of the chaos and trying to make plans with a good friend of mine, I assured her that we WILL get together when life is ever finally normal. Her response was really amazing. She asked me:

“Who wants a normal life??”

The funny thing is, she’s right. Of course, sometimes it would be nice to have a better idea of what’s happening in my own life, but this adventure God has me on is pretty incredible. While being a creative soul doesn’t always offer tons of stability and consistency, what it does offer is so much better…adventure, change, opportunities to seek beauty in every moment, as no two days look the same.

Life is weird.
Ever changing.

And so am I.

I have always liked order and organization…things I could control, understand, and plan. But I’m finding so much beauty in this season of life, because I’m able to truly watch God move in my life. I am finding that it’s actually within the messes of life that I can better see His hands at work.

Normal is overrated, I think. Wherever you find yourself today, enjoy the ride. Embrace the journey God has for you.

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