Coffee and Keyboards: My new e-book is available NOW!

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This past weekend, I had the honor of teaching a writing workshop here in LA to an amazing group of writers, and I used the curriculum from my newest e-book, Coffee and Keyboards.

In the past year, God has brought many new writers into my life who I have been mentoring and having the honor to work with. This inspired me to write an e-book to answer the numerous questions that every new writer has. Why title it, Coffee and Keyboards, you ask? Because it’s all you need to get started as a writer! Technically, you could even begin with coffee and a journal.

Each morning, my soul fills with joy as I smell the delicious aroma of my favorite coffee drip into a beautiful mug. One of the best gifts I have ever been given is my Keurig coffee machine, which allows me to fuel my impatient caffeine addiction and wake up for my favorite part of the day: writing.

This book is just a very practical project I decide to work on, because I have learned a lot through trial and error as a young, professional writer. Five years ago, I started a blog that absolutely no one read (except maybe my mother). I remained faithful and passionate, and continued blogging almost every single day.

Today, I have thousands of followers, three self-published books that are selling consistently, speaking opportunities, and an online magazine,, that I run, overseeing 20 writers, which gets thousands of views per day.

Coffee and Keyboards includes:
-Resources (books and blogs that will help you)
-How to begin writing
-Tips and topics for writing daily
-Where to blog
-Finding your niche (knowing what makes your writing unique)
-Statistics and charts on the best days/times to blog
-How to find guest blogging opportunities
-Blog design
-How to take better blog photos
-How to take better photos with an iPhone
-How to properly edit your writing
-Making money as a blogger/writer
-How to utilize social media and marketing
-How to write a book
-How to make and self-publish an e-book
-Printing your self-published book
-Marketing your self-published book

You get all of those amazing resources for just $4.99. Yes-for under $5, you can become equipped and ready to jump-start your career as a writer.

My reason for writing this book is to inform, equip, and inspire you on your own unique journey as a writer. You can buy Coffee and Keyboards by simply clicking the “buy now” button below. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy getting resourced!
Buy Now

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