Why Me?


I’ve read the story in Exodus about Moses and the burning bush many times throughout my life. However, for some reason this morning, Exodus 3:5 about standing on holy ground stood out to me.

It wasn’t the actual ground that was literally holy. The holy ground was rendered sacred because of the presence of God, who is the very essence of holiness.

I love that how even Moses, standing on this holy ground in the presence of God, when he is given a task from The Lord, his response is:

Why me?” (Exodus 3:11)

God’s response to this question is so simple…

I’ll be with you.

Where has God placed you today? What tasks of great faith are you being challenged to take on? Even in the presence of our Holy God, Moses wondered “why me.” I often wonder why God would use me…why would He have me write or reach out to young women. I often feel so unable, flawed, imperfect, and I unequipped to do anything for His kingdom.

But then I remember…God didn’t call me to perfection. He didn’t ask me to be a genius who has all the answers. He simply walks with each of us and says…

“I’ll be with you.”

Today, instead of asking “why me”, ask God, “How will you use me?”

We don’t have to know what the journey will look like. That’s what faith is all about. We simply need to have a heart to be God’s girl and be willing to be used by Him.

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