Style on a Budget: The Hand-Me-Down Day


Do you remember being a kid and getting hand-me-downs? Some were hidden treasure, some were the “okay” leftovers that were sent to us youngest children of the family.

Living in Los Angeles, the hand-me-downs have only gotten better! Who says we have to grow up and miss out on free clothing? My sweet friend Coco, who graduated from FIDM for fashion design, recently let me raid her closet. At first, I was polite…taking one thing here and there…but then I went wild. I came home with a whole new wardrobe!

Another great way to get hand-me-downs, while also clearing your own closet, is to host a swap & shop night! Invite your girlfriends over, and ask everyone to bring the clothing and accessories that are in good condition that they no longer wear. Everyone gets to go home with a new fashion favorite!

Something borrowed is always fun, too! My old room mate and I used to raid each other’s closets and borrow items, which kept us from purchasing things we may only wear once.

Sweater: Hand-me-down from Coco.
Jeans: Given to me at a swap & shop night.
Hat: Borrowed from my lovely friend, Keary {Free People}.

Get creative, and get some free fashion finds!


Photo credit: Emily Magers

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