Limitless Passion


God gave me a big, big heart. A heart that craves beauty…fuels through creativity…and shines through loving all aspects of the world He has trusted us to subdue. However, we live in a very busy culture that doesn’t always encourage creativity as much as work, sleep, repeat.

Who gets to decide how many passions we have?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t focus, because we don’t want to become flaky and lose sight of our goals. But shouldn’t we enjoy this short life? Love it, in fact? Soak it up, breath it in?

My friend recently came back from France, and she was telling me about how the people there were different. They didn’t just live to work. They had multiple hobbies, not just one. And they didn’t just do them once a week. They daily prioritized these passions.

Our love of the world is not a lack of focus, and it certainly doesn’t mean everything has to be a “career.” I’ll never be a professional photographer, but I love taking photos and capturing beauty.

My sweet husband got me a camera for my birthday this year so that I could take photos for my blog, and it has been so much fun capturing moments of life. Aside from photography, here are some of my other favorite hobbies:

Singing and harmonizing
Writing songs
Writing books
Making jewelry
Cuddling adorable animals

What are your hobbies? What ignites your soul? What brings you joy? What do you do just for fun?

Below are some of the photos I have taken this week in San Diego, pretending to be a photographer, and having the most beautiful friend to photograph. Enjoy the beauty and joy around you. Enjoy life!









2 thoughts on “Limitless Passion

  1. Oh Rachael you are just stunning beautiful! Thank you for sharing your passions!

    Mine are my children, my grandchildren and my dog, without a doubt, those are number one behind God and my husband

    watching kids learn

    These are things that just make me incredibly “safe” within my own skin.

    A few uncomfortable passions and hobbies are teaching children, making new friends, getting to know those same friends even more, so that they are closer friends, rather than just acquaintances.

    I am a loner and stepping out of my comfort zone is something that I am becoming more passionate about, because of my faith, without God, I wouldn’t strive to be a better person, and being a better person, means, being uncomfortable….. Because that means I am putting the work into being His, alone. With missions, *I’m very passionate about local missions; teaching; spreading the gospel, more and more to those that I normally wouldn’t share with… and why wouldn’t I… That’s His commandment!

    getting outside my box is a new experience for me. So that is my biggest uncomfortable passion….,,.

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