Loving the Skin You’re In!


I remember in middle school and high school, girls would always sit around and play the game of, “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” As silly as it may sound, my answer was always that if I could have beautiful, perfectly clear skin forever, that’s what I would choose.

The first thing people see when they look at us is usually our face. So, being a girl with hormonal, ever changing skin can cause loads of insecurities. I have tried everything under the sun. From every drugstore skin care product, expensive facials, to harsh chemical creams and Retin-A, I was at a loss.

Sometimes, we need to get back to the basics. It sounds too easy that natural, cruelty free, vegan, gluten free products would solve this big problem, but it’s true. I was skeptical about trying Arbonne products at first. I had heard they’re slogan…

Pure, safe, beneficial.

I liked the sound of that, but I had been let down by so many other products before. I figured it was worth a shot, so I gave them a try. My skin has never been healthier…I am getting compliments on my clear, glowing skin. And the best part is: it’s all natural! Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for what you put on your skin to absorb into your bloodstream? Many of our products are harmful and cancer causing.

So, today I’m sharing my secrets to healthy skin, not just attractive skin. The photo at the top of the article is the following in my skin regime:

Face wash: Arbonne’s FC5 wash plus toner for oily skin. This is perfect for me, since I get oily/combination skin. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin.

Moisturizer: Arbonne’s FC5 oil absorbing moisturizer with SPF 20. I love this because most moisturizers get thick and make skin shiny and oily. This one gives the moisture without the thickness.

Goodbye, breakouts:
I have been using Arbonne’s intelligence genius nightly pads on my skin, and I swear it’s like magic. It works the way harsh chemical products did, but it’s light, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t burn, doesn’t dry out skin, and it feels amazing! I wake up with flawless skin, which has never happened before. I’m obsessed with this product.


Along with my topical skin care, I also take the supplement above. It has zinc which really supports healthy, clear skin! Many young women don’t think vitamins are necessary, but I can tell you they have really transformed my overall health! I also start and end each day with a hot cup of Arbonne’s detox tea.

If you are interested in purchasing any Arbonne products, or becoming a preferred client and getting 20% off, leave a comment below! The discounts have helped me be able to afford these amazing products, and now I just love sharing them with my friends and family!

Learn to love the skin you’re in. You are beautifully and wonderfully made.


5 thoughts on “Loving the Skin You’re In!

    1. Hi, Sarah! Thank you for reading my post! When you go to the Arbonne site, you’ll select the option to become a preferred client. At the bottom, it’ll ask for a sponsor ID to allow you to get the discount. Enter mine, which is:

      You just pay a $20 fee once, and you get 20% off your orders all year, special gifts and deals, automatic delivery and more 🙂 I am also able to help you choose the right products, as I’m a consultant and sports nutritionist. The website is:


      1. oh great! thanks! i have been wanting to try Arbonne for years, but the prices always scare me away. 🙂 i think i have the same skin type you described having yourself, combination/oily. Id love to find something to help clear up my breakouts without totally drying out my skin. I’m also pushing 30 and thinking I should start to take better care of my skin in regards to “aging”. 🙂 Your recommendations would be so helpful!

  1. Years ago I had what I thought was a wholesale account through Arbonne (could be wrong on verbiage). When I signed up I was able to purchase a certain amount of products for a flat rate…..do they still offer something like this? Feel free to email me!!!! Really wanting to get back to arbonne products!!!!!

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