Does Jesus Really Love Me?

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How would you define love? Our culture tries to define love as many things…sex…lust…feelings…emotions…tears.

When I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as a young girl at summer camp, I never could have imagined the kind of complex relationship we would have when it came to defining and understanding his love. All I ever heard was that he knew me, all of me, and loved me anyway. While this was great news, I didn’t feel like Jesus was very fair with me.

What I mean is that I can talk to him…cry out to him…he can hear me…he can see me…but I often felt that this relationship was so one-sided. He died for me, but I longed for him to speak to me…to touch me…to reach out to me.

My problem was simple, and it was in my definition of love and a healthy relationship. Our generation is so feeling based. We do what we feel, act on our emotions, and it’s often what drives our every decision. Tonight, my husband and I went to see the Ragamuffin movie {the Rich Mullins story–he was an incredible man}, and there was a line in the movie that hit me hard.

“We don’t become closer to God through feelings, but through obedience.”

The closeness and intimacy we all long for doesn’t take root and flourish through our emotions, ideas, and feelings about God. Our feelings change so often. It is through obedience.

Love is obedience. Could Jesus really love me if he did not obey the Father and die for me? If he didn’t know me? Forgive me? See me? Value me? So if I want to be close to him, to understand and know him better, it comes through the same thing Jesus did…obeying the father.

This means…
Being dedicated to reading scripture everyday without excuses…
Praying even when I don’t see the point…
Loving those who are difficult…
Giving grace to my husband…
Reaching out to those in need…
Turning away from my temptations and selfishness…
Doing the hard thing because it’s the right thing…
Speaking to my neighbor even when she is cranky and rude…
Forgiving loved ones who have hurt me badly…

So, friends, does Jesus love me? Yes. How do I know? While it may sound cheesy to say the song lyrics “the bible tells me so”, it’s true. If I am obedient and honest, I would say that when I obey and read His word, Jesus’s love is written all over it. My name is whispered through so many pages. Your name is on His heart through it all. 

On the Identity Girls blog today, one of my best friends, Maddy Clemens, wrote an amazing article that inspired me further. She was talking about the difficulty in finding her purpose in life:

“You really don’t have to have a heart for whatever God calls you to. You just say yes, and than He gives you the heart. It’s really an amazing thing.”

Jesus loves you, and love is obedience. How can you let this truth transform your life today?

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