Happy Birthday To Me! {What a year it has been!}


May 13th is a fabulous day in my life. Not only is it my birthday {and my dad’s birthday!}, but exactly one year ago on this day, my husband proposed to me.

I honestly can’t believe how time truly flies! This time last year, I was running around the mall like a mad woman, trying to figure out what to wear for this mystery, surprise birthday evening Nathan had in store for me. The only hint I was given was to wear the nicest dress I owned…and if you’re a girl, you can understand the chaos and stress that little tip caused!

I stumbled upon a strapless, sparkling, pale yellow, high-low dress…and my wardrobe for that evening will always bring back one of the happiest memories of my entire lifetime. Even now, I don’t think I have ever been that crazy, ridiculously joyful or surprised! It was right in that moment that I saw the rest of my life before my eyes…my wildest dreams coming true.

My body was overcome by shaking hands, tears of joy, and the biggest smile I’ve ever worn. This will always be a day I look back on with such delight and love.

Yes…it must be hard for my husband to “top” last year’s birthday 😉 But in all seriousness-I am so incredibly blessed that last year, my birthday present was my future…and on this birthday, it’s like I’m getting the gift that keeps on giving! I get to spend this day with my husband…my best friend…my family…my whole world. 

This article surely sounds cheesy, but it’s my party and I’ll be cheesy if I want to 😉 Birthdays are so much fun, because they are a time to be reminded that you are loved, valued, and so special. The fact that I have such a perfect memory associated with this day makes it 100 times more incredible.

Thank you all for the love and encouragement you give me! Since it’s my birthday, I demand that you soak up this day. Find beauty. Capture each moment. Because our most wonderful memories go by so quickly! Birthdays are an amazing, quick, fleeting glimpse in the lives we are so blessed to subdue. Now I must go…my husband is taking me out to tea! 🙂

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