Believe In Tomorrow. Believe In Beauty.


Last Monday, a friend of mine took me to the beautiful Descanso Gardens. As we wandered around, it honestly blew me away how many different types of flowers and roses there were…how creative is our God?!

I have always had a heart for nurturing people, animals, plants, and living things. God put this desire on my heart to love, subdue, and care for the beautiful things He has placed in my life.

My Mimi was the most amazing woman. She used to be a florist, and she didn’t just have a green thumb, I swear all of her fingers were green. This woman could plant anything, keep it alive forever, and allow it to flourish endlessly. While I’m not so sure I have that green thumb, and live in an apartment which doesn’t allow for lots of gardening, I still love to try.

After countless failed attempts at herb gardens, flowers and more, I don’t give up on gardening, because it is a belief in tomorrow. It is a faith that it can work.

I think it is important that we believe in the beauty in the world…to not become cynical and jaded. Today, I am sharing some photos from the beautiful Descanso Gardens with you. I hope that it inspires you to love the world around you and remember the beauty in it.








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