The Identity Girls site launch is TODAY!!!


Hollywood has been the place I call home for the past 5 years now. While I love my career as an actress and model, at the end of each night in Los Angeles “living the dream”, I always felt something tugging at my heart. There was this desire for purpose in me…a desire for all of my work to actually mean something, for my life to mean something.

Living in LaLaLand, where I was constantly surrounded by unrealistic standards and photoshopped magazine models, I began to lose sight of my own value and worth. Who was I? What was my identity? Our surroundings, relationships, and experiences begin to form who we are as young women. Through the movies we watch, the books we read, and the company we keep, are we truly living out who God designed us to be?

I knew that I wasn’t living out God’s design, because I did not feel wonderfully made. I certainly did not feel like a valuable treasure. My heart and soul felt no strength and dignity.

God didn’t call me to live in Hollywood for no reason, and I know He didn’t bring me here for this hard work and struggle to amount to nothing. I used my own personal struggle as a fire to ignite the passion in me, to help other young women overcome their insecurities and step into who they were made to be.

Today is one of my favorite days ever, because I am launching the Identity Girls blog…a contributing online community with the most incredible team of young women. The Identity Girls are Hollywood actresses, professional models, writers, chefs, singer/songwriters, health and wellness coaches, fashion stylists, and more who all have the desire to use their platform to inspire and encourage young women.

What makes Identity Girls unique is the fact that each young woman involved is not only successful and living out her God-given identity, but has the desire to be a role model for young women everywhere. This site will be a place where girls can come to be refreshed and do life with others who are sharing their stories, wisdom, and applicable ideas on how to become confident with the girl in the mirror. Our goal is to encourage young women to overcome insecurities and step into the life God has for them. I believe in being a well-rounded woman, which is why the team of writers is so diverse! We will have topics on recipes, fashion, decorating on a budget, health and wellness, resources, and more…all from a godly perspective. The Identity Girls believe in tackling the difficult issues, such as: anxiety, depression, body issues, deep rooted insecurities, how to have healthy boundaries, and more.

There are 20 AMAZING women on the Identity Girls team, but I am going to introduce you to 5 of the ladies on the writing team:

-Tanya Chisholm {Lead actress from Nickelodean’s “Big Time Rush” and Disney’s High School Musical 2.}

-Shannon Stewart Ratliff {Runner up on America’s Next Top Model cycle 1, runner up in Miss Ohio USA, and a model for Sephora, Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, Allure, and many more.}

-Beverly Bautista {Professional dancer in Hollywood.}

-Rachel Zeskind {Health and Wellness Coach.}

-Brandee Knowles {Our go-to gal for recipes, cooking, meal planning, and more!}


Our writing team is so unique because so many different elements make up our identity! Learning how to be a well-rounded woman includes cooking, decor, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, art, and great godly wisdom.

During our launch week, we will have many celebrity guests, surprises, and BIG giveaways! You won’t want to miss out on any of the excitement, so make sure you subscribe today to the Identity Girls blog today! All you have to do is click “follow” on the side bar to the right. Since it is launch day, I have some exciting giveaways to share with you! All you have to do is go to the bottom of this page to find the giveaway, which will give you the instructions! Once you have subscribed to the blog, followed us on Twitter, and liked the Facebook page, you will immediately be entered in to win one of the 6 prizes below.

We are giving away 6 prizes, which means 6 ladies have the opportunity to win something fun! Enter below, and be sure to share Identity Girls with the ladies in your life. Click here to enter into the big giveaway for your chance to win a Brave Angel tank top, Arbonne skincare and detox products, Chloe & Isabel earrings, a tote bag and more!


God has an amazing journey for you…a journey with great purpose, value, and beauty. Don’t do life alone…walk out your journey with daily encouragement from the Identity Girls.









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2 thoughts on “The Identity Girls site launch is TODAY!!!

  1. Love the new blog! So sad I can’t really enter the contest because I don’t have a twitter account:(

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