Spring Clean Your Body!


Spring is a time for cleaning our homes, clearing out our closets, and blooming new gardens as we give the year a fresh start. It took me many years, and many health & skin problems, to finally realize that I was investing in my own wellness last.

It never really dawned on me that my body could feel so good, because it was never really functioning at it’s 100% healthy capacity. Our cars, vehicles, homes, pets, and gardens need some care and upkeep, so it makes perfect sense that our bodies need the same TLC!

This spring, I allowed myself two weeks of cleansing my body. Out with the old, in with the new! You can follow my detox plan, because it’s easy, affordable, and it isn’t crazy or over the top!

For two weeks, simply cut out:
-Dairy {except 1 cup of plain greek yogurt a day}
-Red meat
-Eating late at night {after 8 or 9 PM}

I ate and added in:
-A smoothie for breakfast {ground flax, almond milk, a banana, and frozen blueberries}
-Lean protein {turkey, fish, chicken}
-Healthy fats {avocado, coconut oil, olive oil}
-As many greens and veggies as I wanted
-Arbonne detox herbal tea daily {this tea is the BEST and really cleanses the system}
-Arbonne all natural, vegan chocolate fit chews to munch on and curb my appetite {they kept me from my compulsive eating out of boredom!}
-Arbonne all natural, vegan nutrition bars to snack on

A little something extra:
Our bodies deserve to be cleansed and cared for. I used the Arbonne Sea Source detox mud mask once a week and my combination skin (irritated by the LA smog and dryness) never looked and felt better! It’s like having brand new skin. I love Arbonne because the products are all natural! This mask is actually MADE from different elements from the sea. It’s like a beach getaway in a bottle.
I also highly recommend taking a hot bath once a week with some baking soda & Epsom salt to further cleanse and smooth the skin.

Don’t forget that you are beautifully and wonderfully made! You are valuable and worthy, and you deserve a good spring cleaning! Invest in your body this season…we only get one! 😉

{If you’d like more info on the Arbonne products I used or would like to order them, simply leave a comment below! I swear by these and love spreading the good news! They have given my body and skin so much hope after years of trying countless harsh chemical products that only made things worse.}


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