If The Shoe Fits…


My husband and I have our weekly date night each Thursday. Last week, I was so excited to get dressed up and go out on the town in my brand new high heels. We’ve all heard the expression, “If the shoe fits, where it.” However, any woman who has ever worn high heels knows that they take some breaking in.

After a few hours, a sushi roll, a movie, and wandering around, these shoes still “fit”, but they really did not feel like a good fit for this girl anymore.

The walk to the parking garage never felt so long. I swear, it felt like a marathon. The blisters were consuming, my feet were aching, and my husband saved the day. We had just finished watching Captain America, and my very own hero swept me off my feet and carried me to the car.

We hear from day one as young women that pain is beauty, but it still baffles me how much discomfort we will endure just to flaunt the latest pair of shoes. How far will we go for appearances?

These lovely, but not-for-me shoes, made me think of my relationship with Jesus. He sees a beauty in me that others never will…that even I never will. Even though I know this, I still strive sometimes to live up to the world’s definition of beauty. I want to be perfect…I put so much pressure on myself…and while it may seem like having the perfect life can “fit” into our lives, it will only cause us pain.

You see, I thought the perfect life was a perfect fit for me. I could try to be Martha Stewart, keep a spotless home at all times, be sexy for my husband 100% of the time, and always cook homemade meals. But this pressure to become perfect caused anxiety and stress. The anxiety and stress began to rub against my heart and soul the way that those high heels rubbed against my feet.

Would my heart become blistered like my feet?

Friends, I have given up on a few “perfect things”…because some of them don’t fit in my healthy life:
-The perfect body
-The perfect shoes
-The perfect hair {not kidding-you all know what I’m talking about}
-The perfect home
-The perfect marriage

God never called us to be perfect; He simply called us to have a heart for Him…to strive for a healthy life with Him at the center of it all.

In order for you to be healthy, you’ll need to let go of perfection. I’m still walking this out, and it isn’t easy. Start from the bottom {shoes} and work your way up to the heart…the soul…the mind.

Life won’t always be comfortable or easy, but what is causing pain in your life that God hasn’t called you to do? Feel free to open up and share below if there is an area of perfection that is hard for you to manage or release. I love hearing from you 🙂


One thought on “If The Shoe Fits…

  1. The shoes look great. I cannot recall ever getting a blister from my heels but I can admit I have worn some heels not fitting very well… When I want to wear them no matter how it goes, I am happy to be in them. 😉

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