Childlike Faith {At Every Age}


One of my favorite things is to be at church, sitting in the pew, and watching a baby in the pew in front of me. Yesterday, I got just that kind of seat.

This little baby boy had such a huge smile on his face…such a radiating joy. His tiny hands would wave to me, and he would wiggle around with no fear, because he knew his father was holding onto him.

Watching the trust and faith that children have in their fathers is so beautiful. Looking at this little baby boy brought me an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy. He challenged me to have a deeper faith in my Father.

Psalm 116:6 says:

“The LORD protects the childlike and simple-hearted; when I was in great need, he saved me.”

Having childlike faith does not mean being immature, it simply means to be someone who trusts and loves the Father…believing wholly that He will protect, that He has saved, and that He sees you as His favorite child.

I don’t know what your relationship is like with your father here on earth, and I am fully aware that many people struggle with trusting a Heavenly Father when they have had such disfunction, hurt, and brokenness already.

I used to struggle so much with trusting God, because my family situation with my biological father has been far from perfect. From a very young age, my reality was one of divorced parents, tears, pain, heartbreak, confusion, and deep frustration. So when I tried to understand, let alone accept, God’s perfect love as my Father, it wasn’t an overnight process. While I love studying His word, watching debates, and better understanding theology, I can tell you that no amount of knowledge or education can help me to better grasp His unconditional love…because honestly, it’s unthinkable. It’s indescribable.

What brought me closer to God was childlike faith…humbling myself before Him…wrestling with Him…accepting my doubts…and holding onto Him like the baby in church held onto his father…fully trusting and believing that I am valuable to my Father and that He will always protect me because He does deeply love me.

For me, childlike faith is what keeps me joyful in all circumstances…it’s what brings me peace in the midst of chaos. Because when I try to be in control and have all of the answers, the pressure is overwhelming.

What circumstances and experiences are holding you back from His perfect love today? What is keeping you from childlike faith? What could you let go of in order to have more peace and joy in your life?

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