Style-On-A-Budget: The Springtime Fedora


Big, small, tan, caramel, brown…finding the right fedora for you is a springtime necessity!

Hats are one of my absolute favorite accessories. They are so easy to throw on to hide a bad hair day, they make getting ready simple, and fedoras will make a huge fashion statement this spring.

Today, I don’t have anything deep to share with you. Just a simple feminine truth that spring is more beautiful in a world where there are cappuccinos and fedoras.

A couple days ago, my husband took me on a brunch date where I had the most delectable, large, frothy cappuccino in a charming mug. It’s the little things, friends.


My brunch date look was effortless. We were hungry, and still a bit sleepy, so we just wanted to roll out of bed and out the door. I had no time to waste on doing my hair.

The tinted moisturizer went on, along with one of my favorite Princess Vera Wang tops, and then it was time to wear my new fedora.


The simple fedora I’m wearing was in the dollar section at Target. Having style this spring can be natural, easy, and cost effective! You don’t have to break the bank to stay trendy this season.

Rock a fedora like you’re a celebrity. Sip on a cappuccino like you’re a writer. Brunch like you’re on vacation. Enjoy spring like it’s going out of style.

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