The Secret To Becoming Courageous


“Courage comes from a heart that is CONVINCED it is loved.” ― Beth Moore

My husband and I are lovers of heroes. There is nothing more exciting than getting swept away in a beautiful story about someone who has the courage to conquer and overcome. These stories are inspiring, but we often believe them to be pure fantasy. Many women in today’s film and television culture often portray women in a way that seems we have no value, worth, or self control. These stories make women look weak…but my God called us to be much more.

This makes me wonder…

Are we lacking courage because we are lacking love?

Having faith, courage, strength, dignity, and influence does not happen by accident. Living in Los Angeles, being a writer, actor, wife, chihuahua tamer, and homemaker, does not come without it’s challenges.

Many years of my life were spent battling my own demons. I would fight these inner thoughts, lies, sins, and challenges…and I won’t lie to you, friends…sometimes I felt defeated. Teenage years were spent in tears, crying out to God, wondering why I couldn’t just be strong like wonderwoman.

What was the secret? I always wondered. There must be one.

If you have ever read a book or watched a film about a hero, you will notice that they face challenges…stumble…fall…get injured…become frustrated…become exhausted…fight dragons…and sometimes get burned.

The biggest lie I ever believed was that because I faced challenges and made mistakes, I could never be used by God. It is because of my unique experiences that God can shine through me in ways I never could have imagined. Your past and present matter…your story matters. God values history…and He makes it part of His-story.

The truth is, friends, that there is a secret. The secret to becoming a courageous woman is being a loved woman. If you don’t know your worth, you can’t help others know theirs. If you do not understand the absolute, unfailing love that Jesus has for you, you will never understand that he isn’t waiting for you to become perfect so that he can use you. He wants to use you right now, exactly where you are.

It is true that God is a redeemer. However, part of becoming set free is accepting His love and combining it with our unique journeys…not trying to brainwash ourselves and attempt perfection. We have all heard the saying that we cannot love until we love ourselves. It goes deeper than that. I did not have the capacity to love others deeply and healthily until I knew how God loved me. I was not able to step out in faith, become a woman of influence, or have courage in my marriage, friendships, and daily life until I realized that God’s love is a hero’s fuel.

What’s keeping you from gaining this fuel today? Perhaps a relationship, insecurity, or lie is keeping you from God’s love. I want to challenge you to open your heart and hand those roadblocks over to God. I wasted years of my life believing that I wasn’t worthy of love. Jesus died for us to accept this gift…he died with courage to give us courage.

You are loved today.

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