Free Spring Date #1: The Raid-Your-Pantry-Picnic


Hello, lovely friends of mine. It is 90 degrees here in Hollywood, and spring has officially sprung.

Sometimes in our fast paced world of technology, I think we lose our sense of adventure. With gorgeous sunny weather, and an entire world to explore, spring is the perfect time to try something new!

Throughout this month, I will be posting some of my favorite free spring date ideas! My husband and I have decided to save money and get creative by using what’s around us to have a beautiful, wonderful day.


The first free spring date I have for you is the raid-your-pantry-picnic. All you need to start out with is a picnic basket!


Next, raid your pantry! What leftovers do you have? Our usual picnic would be more of a cheese, fruit, and cracker sort of thing. But since we didn’t want to spend a dime on this date, we used leftovers from the fridge and pantry. This became super fun and creative, and gave our picnic a Mexican vibe.


Find a beautiful park or hiking trail to host your free date in. And be adventurous! Nathan grabbed a walking stick to protect us from the mountain lions, and I attempted to climb a tree.



Life doesn’t have to be mundane, and you don’t have to spend money to have a great time. These are things you can do with a best friend, family member, boyfriend, or husband!

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.’
I should think so — in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!”

-J.R.R. Tolkien

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