Actions Speak Louder Than Facebook


We’ve all heard the expression “actions speak louder than words.” It is one of those things that we all know to be true, yet we struggle to live it out.

Yesterday, our pastor gave a sermon on this very topic. He was talking about faith verses works, the age old debate. But the truth is, if we truly believe in something/love something, wouldn’t our actions reflect it naturally?

Our pastor told a story about a man who was interviewed in the 1938 British magazine, Homes and Gardens. This man had a huge, beautiful chalet in the mountains…he carefully tended to his gardens and had the most flourishing greenery…he loved his dogs more than anything…and this man was even known to love children, and sometimes even take the neighborhood kids on walks.

This man was Hitler.

The point here is that it is so easy to put up a facade; to only show others what we want them to see. Isn’t that what we do on Facebook so often? We reveal how we want to be perceived, but so often, we leave out the authentic truth of who we are.

Our actions make us who we are. It doesn’t matter what we say or what we post via social media if these are merely ideas and not genuine, lived out life.

If I was posting everyday about how much I loved my husband, maybe even kept an immaculate home and posted photos, yet I didn’t treat him with love an respect, I’m not being very authentic. I wouldn’t be living out what I am putting out into the world.

If a mother claims to love her child, but never feeds or clothes this child, would you believe her?

If we are truly “disturbed” by the horrific truth of children who don’t have food, people without clean drinking water, or women being stuck in the sex industry, yet we do nothing about this (no prayers, no volunteering, no donating), how much do we really care?

If we claim to be followers of Christ, but we do not follow any of God’s commands, don’t pray, don’t have time with Him, and don’t read our bibles, are our actions lining up with the words coming out of our mouths?

I am absolutely 100% human and imperfect. While I enjoy having a blog where I can post my thoughts, and hopefully challenge and encourage you, I always want it to come from a place of authenticity. Never will I ask something of you that I am not also striving to walk out in my own life. I may not always share every detail of my personal life, but I don’t want this site to be a place filled with just happy words, recipes, and a pretty home that all looks so picturesque. I hope to always share the struggles, as well, and to relate to you as we walk out this imperfect life together.

What do you love? What are you passionate about? What breaks your heart in the world today? What can you do to get involved and take action?

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