5 Ways To Bring Home The Spring Home!


Today, I finished some spring cleaning and enjoyed sitting in a lovely, organized, peaceful home! There is something beautiful about the changing of seasons. Especially when it comes to spring, it seems to be a time for change, renewal, blossoming, and flourishing.

Much like our wardrobes, our homes sometimes reflect the seasons, but we don’t want them to reflect the wrong ones. Do you still have your paper hearts out from Valentine’s Day? Tell me you aren’t still rocking your Christmas lights and keeping those heavy, wool throws on the couch?!

Renewing, restyling, and changing with the seasons doesn’t have to drastically alter your bank account. Using the Polyvore app, I created an idea for updating your spring-cleaned home…all from Target!

-Fill your home with fresh flowers. Flowers bring a crispness to your floral, spring domain! Go on a hike and pick some wildflowers for free, go to your favorite market, or stop by Trader Joes (they always have an amazing array of affordable bouquets). It’s amazing how much happier I feel in a home where things are blooming. Put them in the adorable rustic, chic burlap vase below.

-Grab a couple yellow, white, or green throw pillows! You don’t have to change the color of your bedding or couch to have a spring look in the home. Changing out a couple throw pillows is a simple way to add that pop of clean, fresh, spring color to your favorite chair.

-Instead of just serving coffee each time your girl friends come over, grab a water diffuser and add some fresh sliced lemon! This will not only keep your guests hydrated and refreshed, but it looks beautiful for spring time.

-Candles are everything. Lighting is crucial. Brighten up your home this spring with your favorite candles that have been lying around, and put them in a rustic lantern!

-Brighten up your dinner party with some new dishes that have a pop of color! The ones below are from Target, but believe it or not, one of the 99 cent store’s best kept secrets is their incredible selection of dishes!

Your dorm room, apartment, or home can be spring chic on a budget and will be ready for hosting the best events of the season in no time! 🙂 What are some of your favorite spring accent colors?

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