My Ordinary Life.


This past Sunday, my husband and I attended a new church just down the street from our home. The pastor gave a great sermon on “radical living”, and it got me thinking: Am I content and joyful with the life God has trusted me to subdue?

Our culture is always seeking something new, something bigger, something better. We live to work for the next job promotion, the next audition, the next best gig. We continue dating until we find “someone better”, we move to different homes because we desire something better, and in the midst of all this seeking, have we forgotten what we are supposed to be searching for? 

It is so easy to succumb to the pressures that life places on our shoulders. We hear stories about people dropping everything in their lives to be radical Christians. Not that it isn’t an absolutely beautiful, amazing call for some to go overseas or do extreme missions, but for some of us, God is calling us to be a light, right where we are.

While our world complicates how we should find purpose in each day, Ephesians 4:25-32 puts it quite simply:

Tell the truth.
Be good to your neighbor.
Don’t stay angry or go to bed angry.
Don’t steal.
Watch your words.
Be gentle.
Be sensitive.
Treat one another with love and respect.

Living in LA and being a writer, model, and actress, I sometimes find myself just waiting for the next big role. Now, this passion is good and healthy, and God placed these desires on my heart. But, as a brand new wife, I have to daily remind myself of that God has trusted me with an extremely important role simply by being the wife of my husband. It sounds so simple, it sounds so ordinary.

Your life is a ministry, and your ministry should encompass every aspect of your life. We are all seeking purpose, which is a wonderful thing, but we can’t forget that there is purpose in each day. While I use acting, modeling, writing, speaking, and mentoring as a part of my ministry, I can’t allow myself to forget that being a wife is not only part of my ministry, but it is hugely important.

Today, I didn’t find myself at a photoshoot, at a speaking engagement, or on a film set. Many wonderful days allow me to do those things for my ministry, but today, I was home. I did a very large pile of laundry and cleaned every inch of our apartment. This day was pretty ordinary according to the world’s standards. But serving my husband and caring for the home God has entrusted us to is extraordinary in His eyes.

Don’t forget who and what you are living for. Your ordinary life is extraordinary. 


4 thoughts on “My Ordinary Life.

  1. Amen. 🙂 Thank you so much for posting this! It’s so true – we can too easily think there’s something huge we need to be doing and forget that we need to glorify God and be diligent even in the tiny everyday parts of life.

  2. Just beautiful and so very true! You seem to have wisdom beyond your years! It’s no wonder you are now married to a Clarkson!! ;o) Keep on being faithful in the little things and speaking the truth in love! Sure would have been an encouragement to me when I was a new bride! (and yet, it is still a good reminder! )

  3. “Don’t forget who and what you are living for. Your ordinary life is extraordinary. ” Thank you. That is a great reminder! Love the new look of your blog, btw. 🙂

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