5 days till “I Do”!


Hello, my sweet friends! I want to thank you for supporting me, following me, and taking the time to read what God has placed on my heart. I will not be blogging for a couple weeks because I am marrying the man of my dreams in 5 days! Eek! Then we will be going on an 8 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera for our honeymoon.

I can’t wait to share stories, photos, and memories with you when this exciting time turns more into “normal life” when I’m back home 🙂

But before I leave you for a bit, you can help us! 🙂 If you would keep us in your prayers during this time, we would so appreciate it. Nathan and I are both battling a nasty cold and not feeling 100%. It is also looking like it WILL rain on our outdoor wedding & reception. Life is not perfect, but we are praying that we make it smoothly through this time and that it will be a wonderful memory, regardless of weather (and us feeling under the weather!). Also-prayers that our family would arrive safely and in good health!

Thank you for everything! Can’t wait to share wedding photos with you so soon!

Rachael Lee {almost Clarkson}


5 thoughts on “5 days till “I Do”!

  1. Praying for all that you asked. You will be a beautiful bride and Nathan a handsome groom! Regardless of the weather, your day will be most memorable and blessed. Have a wonderful wedding day and a fantastic honeymoon. Real excited to see the pictures and hear about all the events. I will need to model the patience of Job. I don’t do that well.

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