Valentine’s Day Style on a Budget!


With Valentine’s Day only 2 days away, it’s time to start planning for a fabulous time! Whether you are single, dating, or married, this should be a special holiday spent with the ones you love! Last year, Nathan was out of town and I hosted a Valentines dinner with my girlfriends! Love is not about a relationship status, it is about sharing memories with people who make you smile!

For today’s style on a budget, I will be offering you two different options depending on what kind of plans you have!

The first style is the photo above. This would be perfect for a laid back girls night or a movie date with your man!

Style on a budget: The boyfriend cardigan and romantic ponytail.
-Throw on your favorite jeans! I’m wearing Levi’s.
-Wear your favorite comfy/casual top.
-Boot wedges (mine are from Target).
-Steal one of your man’s cardigans, of brother’s (I used to always steal my brother’s sweaters), or simply wear an oversized cardigan to get the comfy cozy, effortless look!
-Pearl earrings are a classic, romantic way to accessorize!
-Black and white tote from Vera Wang (find this at Kohl’s).

Get the romantic ponytail:
-I love ponytails because they are easy, keep my hair out of my way, but can also look very classy! For this ponytail, I was trying to emulate the First Lady from Scandal {I’m a tad obsessed}.
-Curl all of your hair with a curling iron and spray generously with hairspray and dry shampoo.
-Part your hair in your favorite way. Take a piece of it as if you were doing “half up, half down” and tease that portion of hair with a comb and hairspray.
-Secure your teased hair into an elastic, leaving half of it up. Depending on how high you want your bump, push the hair up and secure it with two bobby pins.
-Pull the rest of your hair up into a ponytail and secure with elastic.
-Use bobby pins to keep away any extra flyaways.

The next look is for a slightly dressier Valentine’s evening! Perhaps a fancy sit down dinner with your man, or a night out with girlfriends to the ballet! I am all about comfort and being YOU, so you will notice some common themes like wedges and jeans that can be dressed up or down!

Style on a budget: Pretty in pink with a sockbun:
-I adore this soft pink and black top from Lauren Conrad’s clothing line. It is classic and simple but very elegant. You can find it at Kohl’s.
-Throw on your favorite jeans (iron and press them for a more put together look). Mine are Levi’s.
-Black wedges (from New York and Company).
-Simple, classic pearl necklace. Feminine and elegant.
-Black and white tote from Vera Wang (you can find this at Kohl’s).

A sock bun is the perfect fast, easy, simple hairdo that instantly makes you look more sophisticated and classy for your Valentine’s evening. If you don’t know how to do a sockbun, it is so easy! Check out my article with step by step directions by visiting.

I hope you have a beautiful, fun, and very stylish Valentine’s Day!

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