God Can Handle Your Honesty {Hallelujah-I’ll Still Sing}

There have been many seasons in my life that I have had doubts, struggled, and been pretty broken down in my faith. During these times, I remember feeling so alone…and like something was truly wrong with me. “Good Christians” don’t doubt, right? “Good Christian girls” always have it all together, right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

Learning to personalize my prayers and be honest with God has changed my life and changed my relationship with Him. No relationship can flourish without vulnerability and true communication. One way that I love to communicate, whether it is listening or singing, is through music. Music has a way of touching our lives with beauty and honesty in a way that truly evokes such heart and soul.

My very talented fiance (who will be my husband in 2 and a half weeks!) wrote the beautiful song at the top of this article. I encourage you to not only take the time to listen to it, but share it. This is a message that so many need…to know that it’s okay to struggle, doubt, and be honest with God. He can handle it! 🙂

I was honored to sing the harmony in the song, and Nathan’s talented brother, Joel, wonderfully arranged it. Enjoy…share…and be inspired.

To download Nathan’s song on iTunes click here.
To download Nathan’s song on Amazon click here.


One thought on “God Can Handle Your Honesty {Hallelujah-I’ll Still Sing}

  1. Meet you both at the Mom Heart Conference California! You both are so encouraging! My boys are only 7 and 5 but I am already praying for their Future wives. I say Lord make them have a heart like Nathan and bring them a wife like his…. ;o) keep up the amazing work! God receives the Glory!

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