Style on a Budget: A Walk In The Park


Being a young woman in Hollywood who blogs about fashion and follows the latest trends, I enjoy watching “What Not To Wear”, but not just for the clothing and style inspiration.

Countless women on this show end up in tears as they realize they neglected their own personal appearance because of their low self esteem. These gorgeous women were lacking self worth and were allowing insecurities to dictate what they would and would not wear.

There are some very common misconceptions about fashion that come up often on the show:

Looking classy and fun is expensive.
Looking classy is boring.
You can’t express your personality without craziness, short skirts, or low cut tops.

Those are all fashion myths. Absolutely false.

You are beautiful! You are valuable! You are fun! You are classy! You are interesting! And believe it or not, your wardrobe can express that.

Even if you are just having a day of running errands and heading to the park for a picnic, you can show your personality with style and class…on a budget!

Steal my look:

Sunglasses: Nine West at Marshall’s
“Let’s Get Lost” t-shirt: Princess Vera Wang at Kohl’s
Tattered light wash blue jeans: Target
Red flip flops: Payless
Classic black and white tote: Vera Wang at Kohl’s

Have fun with style! Enjoy being who you are. Allow your personality to shine through with statement bags, fun t-shirts, and trendy jeans. Feel beautiful, and feel like you…on a budget!

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