Style on a Budget: The London Fog


As Los Angeles is coming close to February, it still can’t quite decide if it is time for winter weather or spring weather. Each day varies, sunshine, warmth, breeze, overcast skies. It makes this time of year the perfect time for layers.

A week ago, my handsome fiancé and I went on a date to one of my favorite little coffee shops where I got one of my classics: the London fog with almond milk {and sugar on top, of course).


If you are looking for a fun layered look that is perfect for a day of errands, girl time, or a coffee date, view the picture at the top of the article and steal my look with the details below:

Grey hat: H&M
Fun t-shirt: Vera Wang for Kohl’s
Skinny jeans: Levi’s
Purple wrap: My amazing mama found this gem for me while thrifting!
Gold arrowhead heart necklace: my fiancé found this perfect piece at a boutique in LA. Simple necklaces can add a lot to your wardrobe!

Looking cute can be affordable and effortless. Enjoy being beautiful, being you, and being stylish…on a budget!


One thought on “Style on a Budget: The London Fog

  1. Hi Rachael,
    I met you briefly at the book table today at the Irvine Mom Heart Conference. I wanted to say first and foremost that I enjoyed your talk yesterday. You are adorable, and I pray that God will take you on a wonderful adventure in your upcoming marriage.
    I mentioned a ministry that is based in Hollywood called Oasis. It is run by Judy Radachy. She is an incredible woman and has ministered to young people in Hollywood for many years. I believe originally, she was from Florida. Anyway I thought you might be interested in meeting her or checking out the ministry. She came and spoke at our church in San Diego recently and I was touched by her ministry.

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