I love you, you’re perfect, now change {The way our world views women.}


Make cupcakes.
Make cookies.
Make cake.
Eat cupcakes.
Eat cookies.
Eat cake.
Have big boobs.
Have a tiny waist.
Have abs…like, 12 pack abs.
Your thighs should be the size of your calves…while eating said sugary foods.
Buy more makeup.
Wear more makeup.
Cover who you are.

Unfortunately, the things I listed above are simply thoughts I’ve had while scrolling through Pinterest. Let me preface this article by saying that I adore Pinterest and love magazines. They are fun, girly, and entertaining. I am only speaking on the fact that some of the scrolls don’t add up.

Pinterest became my friend for gluten free recipes, decorating ideas, wedding tips, and more girly magic. However, the more I scrolled through it all, the less I felt content with who I was. You see, I would excitedly pin a recipe, then keeping scrolling only to see an almost naked woman, huge boobs, while miraculously skinny, with a super fit body and perfect skin and hair. My scrolls turned into comparisons.

At first, I told myself that magazines and Pinterest were my inspiration. But it became obsession. There was always another workout, another fit body to live up to, a sexy girl in lingerie I knew I could never look like. And the problem with perfection, friends, is that it simply does not exist.

In a world of unrealistic expectations and photoshopped images of models, we find ourselves putting pressures on ourselves that no one could ever live up to. Why?

No one is perfect. Perfect does not exist here on planet earth.

Even the unrealistic bodies, skin, hair we are striving so hard to attain-those things don’t even exist for the models in the photos.




It breaks my heart that we live in a world that tries so hard to tell women they will never be enough. Even as Demi Lovato so honestly and candidly talked in Cosmo magazine about her struggles with hurt and eating disorders, they photoshopped her cover on the magazine so much that she looked like a different girl. Does no one listen? Does no one care? Does the industry not see the harm they are doing?

As I said before-I am not hating on Pinterest and magazines. However, if it is causing you more harm than good to look at those things, stop. Now. Dwell on what is true and lovely and excellent (Philippians 4:8).

Sick isn’t beautiful.
Starving isn’t beautiful.
Unnatural isn’t beautiful.
Hurt isn’t beautiful.
Pain isn’t beautiful.
Sadness isn’t beautiful.

You are beautiful.

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