Create Your Own Weekend Spa Health Retreat At Home!


The past couple of days, I have been laying around with a high fever. Being 5 weeks away from my wedding day, still in the midst of working, and having just moved into the new home, I knew I needed to allow myself some time to rest (which I’m not very good at) and simply stay at home for the weekend.

When I get sick, exhausted, or am simply too busy to take good care of myself, my body shuts down. I don’t have the best immune system in the world, and I knew that this weekend I really needed to prioritize my health and wellness. Retreats are expensive, cleanses can be pricey, and some of us just don’t even have the time to invest. But you don’t have to travel far for this one. In the comfort of your own home, set aside 2 days for a health retreat and prepare to feel rejuvenated!

Step 1: Detox
Grab the detox tea of your choice. I have been LOVING this one (which one of my girlfriends brought me). Trader Joes also has some great options. This tea helps cleanse the body of toxins (and even makes you sweat some out!), supports the immune system, and focuses on hydration. During your two day detox, try to stay away from caffeine, processed foods, and alcohol. Drink LOTS of water, and 3 cups of your detox tea per day.

Step 2: Juicing
Juices out and cleanse programs are pricey. Grab your own produce and make your own juices and green smoothies at home! You can check out the recipe section of my blog for some ideas. The idea is to focus on greens and allow your body to be refueled.

Step 3: Care for your skin.
We have been caring for our insides, now let’s care for our outsides. I made this homemade face mask today and it was not only simple, but made my skin look so fresh and rejuvenated. When I’m sick, I feel like my skin gets dry and icky. I naturally have oily skin, and this recipe is for ALL skin types because it is so hydrating, and often times our skins produce oil because they are lacking the essential natural oil.
Simply mix half of one avocado, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and one egg white. Apply the mixture to a clean, dry face (the mixture will not be like a clay mask because it is so hydrating. It will be mushy and you’ll need to lay your head back. It will force you to relax!). I suggest doing what I did and taking a nice bubble bath with bath salts while the mask does it’s magic for 15 minutes. When you’re done, rinse your mask off and pat dry. Your skin will be radiant and have a natural glow.

Rest LOTS.
Again-rest…LOTS. Like a lazy, lazy dog. Allow your body to sleep, relax, and catch up from all the nonstop going and rushing around.

Simple stretching & restorative yoga.
If you feel up to moving at all and aren’t super sick, do some simple stretches and restorative yoga to honor your body and regain some flexibility. Don’t push yourself. This is your weekend of relaxation, not a weekend for hiking and crossfit. {See the Fit Chick section of my blog for yoga exercises).

Being healthy doesn’t have to take 6 months of your time or empty your bank account. Turn your home into a spa for just two days and enjoy the relaxing results.

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