Identity Girls-Now Available in PRINT!

In February, it will be 5 years that I have lived in Los Angeles. I have come to realize many things, through so many experiences, obstacles, and growing pains, that life is not always a walk on the red carpet.

Hollywood is a place that I was drawn to, not only because of my career in the entertainment industry, but because there was a tugging on my heart to change this industry somehow. This place, this city, is creating the messages {films, television shows, harsh critique fashion shows, magazines, etc} that our culture breathes in and lives out as truth. Often times as young women, we allow all of the wrong things to define who we are.

Unrealistic television shows…
Photoshopped magazines…
and lies.

Statistics show that only 2% of women think they are beautiful. This breaks my heart and makes me wonder...are you in that 2%? If not, you’re clearly not alone, but we obviously need to do some work because our culture is not doing a very good job of reminding women of who they were made to me.

Identity Girls is a 30 day devotional to teach each of us how to define ourselves as the young women we were so uniquely designed to be. This is not just a devotional for the insecure, for the hurting, for the flawed…but if it were, this would still be a devotional for each and every one of us. As women, we need to be encouraged, inspired, and reminded of who we were created by God to be…women of influence. 

Each day of Identity Girls has a notes section where you can journal your thoughts, jot down your new goals, and personalize your own prayers.


If there is a young woman in your life who is embarking on her own unique journey, be a source of encouragement in her life today. Surprise her with her very own copy of Identity Girls, and inspire her to fully understand who she was designed to be.

Give 2014 the start it deserves and join me on this 30 journey. Let go of insecurities and fears, and step into the marvelously made woman you truly are.
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