My 5 Year Blog Anniversary {And a video for you!}

5 years ago, after 17 years of journals and dreams, I started a blog. No one read it {well, except my mom occasionally}, but for some reason, I kept feeling God tugging at my heart to stay faithful and just write.

My desire to start a blog didn’t come from wanting “fans” or notoriety, and if you are a regular reader, you know I’m sort of random and have many thoughts. I truly needed a place to escape, to release, to create, to think, to dream, and to just be. Writing consistently became therapy for me.

Blogging also became a way for me to worship my Savior…to publicly proclaim His truth, His ways, and how He has changed my life.

5 years later, here I sit, cup of tea in hand, writing to you {whoever you may be}. My motives are still the same, intentions still remain my creative release and love of my Lord. However, I am humbled, honored, amazed, and blessed that I have regular readers who are inspired, encouraged, and do life with me over the computer screens, iPhones, and iPads we commune through.

Your comments are read. I love hearing from you and doing life with you. Thank you for an amazing 5 years of life together.

And for anyone who is visiting my blog for the first time tonight…

Welcome, and make yourself at home! Take a look around, think, dream, and feel free to leave a comment because I love talking to you! 🙂

In a culture filled with so many things trying to define who we are as young women, I enjoy writing and sharing about who we were designed to be. God created us each uniquely and wonderfully made. This is a place to find truth, thoughts, scripture, inspiration, decorating ideas, recipes, Christian yoga, Hollywood stories, style on a budget tips, and so much more!

YOU are marvelously made. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “My 5 Year Blog Anniversary {And a video for you!}

  1. Love your blog and your comittment to God and your future husband. You are an inspiration to young women- thank you for your honesty and passionate writing. God is at work through you!

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