His & Hers Style on a Budget: The Hollywood Day Date


This afternoon, my handsome fiancé had an audition in Beverly Hills and invited me to tag along with him, making a date out of the drive out there. {He looked so good today, I even had to include him in the style on a budget article.}

This is a first, as I usually only blog for women’s clothing inspiration. However, any of my male readers will be happy to steal some of Nathan’s style staples, and ladies: you can get ideas for your boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands. After all, Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! 😉

We stumbled upon a really cute cafe, filled with fun treats. I’m always thrilled to find a place with gluten free options, and we hit the jackpot. Nathan treated us to a delicious dark chocolate gluten free brownie and green tea latte! {Yum!}


You don’t have to be a hollywood actor heading to an audition to look great. What I love about Nathan’s style is that he is very simple, classic, and timeless. He has a way of looking incredible, yet effortless.

Steal Nathan’s Look:
-Blue pullover: H&M {it is SO soft and comfy. I may have stolen it from him before…}
-Levi jeans {Nathan swears by Levi’s. They last a long time, and just look great!}
-Untitled men’s black watch {I got this watch for Nathan years ago. It goes with everything and is a great statement piece for a classy, handsome man.}
-Sexy hair {Well, it’s true. Nathan has great hair. He loves experimenting with products, and while the Crew hair gel is great, it’s also a bit pricey. Nathan has found that he enjoys hair products that give your hair some body without making it stiff and clumpy, since every girl loves playing with her handsome man’s hair! Experiment with different brands and look for key words that say “soft hold.”}
-The classic black shoes. {Nathan has always loved Vans. You can find simple, comfy black shoes for a great price at places like Target.}

Steal My Look:
-Black maxi skirt: Forever 21 {SO comfortable and fun. It makes dressing up a little easy and effortless!}
-Audrey Hepburn tank {This gem was given to me from my sweet mama for Christmas. I adore Audrey Hepburn, and love this piece so much. You can find vintage, fun, photo tanks for a great price at places like H&M, Forever 21, Kohls, and Target.}
-Simple black wrap: Target {Comfy and goes with everything!}
-Classic black purse: Vera Wang {Vera Wang has an incredible collection with amazing prices at Kohls. My mom got me this purse for Christmas and I am in love.}
-Gold heart/arrowhead necklace {I love this piece. Nathan got it for me for Christmas from a boutique in LA. Long, dangly, but simple necklaces add an elegant statement to your wardrobe.}

Alright, my fashion friends, I hope you have been inspired to get creative in 2014 and have fun with your style…on a budget!

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