Breathing Life Into Your Home {Of Any Size & Budget!}

There is something ingrained within me to seek beauty within the cold walls of any building. Growing up, I remember the way my mama would breath life into even the most humble of homes…making Christmas ornaments out of pizza boxes, making everything beautiful at all times.

When my home is beautiful, I am joyful, relaxed, at ease, peaceful, and proud. Proud, you say? Yes-proud. Proverbs 31:27 says:

“She watches over the affairs of her household.”

It goes on to say that she does not eat the bread of idleness. This got me thinking about all the excuses I could have not to host, not to bring life, not to cultivate beauty:

It takes time…
It requires work…
I am on a budget…
My apartment is too small to do anything with…

Does anyone really even care or notice?

I hosted Thanksgiving this year in my tiny North Hollywood apartment for almost 15 guests. Sure, I had to rearrange furniture…clean…cook…bake…and guess what-it was fun and doable on my budget AND with my space!

My almost sister, Joy, came to stay at my home which just made it all the more fun, homey, and festive!


Thanksgiving morning began with traditional breakfast in PJs while we all (Joy, Nathan, Joel, and myself) watched the Macy’s Day parade. I made baked breakfast cups, cinnamon rolls, and lots of coffee, tea, and chai lattes!


After we rearranged lots of furniture, I began setting the tables for the Thanksgiving feast. This was quite simple on my budget, as I collect pine cones from my trip to Big Bear Lake and used them as place card holders (which I hand wrote for each guest).

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t have been the same for me had I not baked my homemade chocolate pecan pies (recipe coming soon….).

We had a wonderful time with friends…Nathan and I held each other and giggled as we all drank our teas and coffees and played Apples to Apples. Such a fun memory to have.

And just like that-Thanksgiving was over. Autumn decor was done. My homemade tree of gratitude quickly became my tiny little Christmas ornament tree (make one easily by grabbing a jug or vase, picking twigs from a tree, and hanging your favorite ornaments on it!).

Tonight, my lovely room mate and I truly decked the halls. We turned our apartment into a winter wonderland, and pulled out every Christmas decoration we could get our hands on! Nutcrackers, banners, ornaments, chalkboard designs, lights, two Christmas trees, an advent calendar, and more! We take decorating pretty seriously in our little home.


The point of this festive article is to encourage you that there is a point to decking the halls. Whether you are lifting just your spirit, or bringing joy to many who visit your dorm room, apartment, or huge home, as women, we have this amazing ability to bring life into the cold white walls we reside in. Just like the Proverbs woman, watch over your household (big or small). You matter…your home matters…the beauty you cultivate matters…and the lives you replenish within your home matter.

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