Happy Half Birthday To Me!!!

Okay, okay…I know that not many people celebrate half birthdays (there are people who don’t even celebrate their real birthdays all that much)…but today is no ordinary half birthday. Exactly 6 months ago today, on my 22nd birthday, the love of my life got down on one knee and proposed.

Time has gone by so quickly that I can’t even believe we have been engaged for half of a year. Even harder to believe: we will be married in 3 and a half months. I am so filled with joy, love, and excitement on this half birthday, because it is a beautiful reminder of the day my best friend and soul mate made the life changing decision to do life with me forever.

I may not eat half of a cake, throw half of a party, or get half of a present, but I am celebrating this day in my heart (full-heartedly, not half-heartedly) because I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for the man I get to marry.

Feel free to half-like this article, or leave half of a comment if you wish 😉 Happy half birthday to me!


2 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday To Me!!!

  1. Happy half birthday beautiful! I rejoice with you my sister! Two Christians in love with Jesus and one another, yielded to the power of the Holy Spirit is mighty for God’s kingdom! This IS something to celebrate and give thanks. I am praying for you both and the ministry He has entrusted you!

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