Church Rescue: A giveaway and exciting new TV series!


Hello, friends! You know I love giving you free things and bringing you fun reviews on the latest shows, movies, feasting, and fashion!

Ever have a hard time finding something fun, entertaining, sweet, life-giving, and super interesting to watch after a long, usual Monday? I am very excited to announce to you all that tonight, a brand new show will be airing on the National Geographic channel…a reality TV series called, “Church Rescue!

My sweet friends over at Grace Hill Media provided me with some goodies and my very own screener DVD where I was able to watch an episode of this wonderful new series. Church Rescue is in many ways like Extreme Home Makeover – except instead of rebuilding homes, these guys are rebuilding churches. There are many shows that feature restaurants being rebuilt, homes being rebuilt, schools being rebuilt, and to see these men investing in churches that have a heart for God, but simply need a little help, is absolutely amazing.

The show follows “The Church Hoppers”, a team of wonderful ministers specializing in helping struggling sanctuaries get back on their feet. After being contacted by pastors looking for a helping hand, The Church Hoppers dig deep to uncover the church’s problems and then provide them with solutions and truly help them grow. Over the course of the first season we will get to know The Hoppers as they answer their calling to revitalize churches across America inside and out.

While watching the screener episode, my heart was warmed, eyes were teary, giggles came out, and a smile was brought to my face. This series is truly incredible, and I can’t wait to see more!

In honor of the show’s debut tonight, my friends at Grace Hill Media wanted to provide my readers (YOU!) a Church Rescue Toolkit. The “Giveaway Toolkit” will include two fun t-shirts, two highlighter pens and two sticky pads.

To enter yourself into the giveaway for a chance to win, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me your favorite thing about your church…and don’t forget to watch “Church Rescue” tonight on National Geographic!

6 thoughts on “Church Rescue: A giveaway and exciting new TV series!

  1. My favorite thing about my church would have to be my pastors sermons! Or my pastor and his wife!! I Love them so much and they are a great influence on my life!

  2. I love that my pastor preaches the Word of God verse by verse – pure truth via his southern charm! :).

  3. Honestly, I am not at all a “reality show” person normally – but that one sounds so uplifting!! Your review totally makes me want to go watch it 🙂

    Favorite thing about my church – how my pastor is always looking for ways to lend a helping hand, to anyone in the community. Leading by example there!

  4. I love that the leadership is real about their struggles and challenges everyone in the church to be authentic and plugged into community…where real life change happens.

  5. The favorite thing about my church is it’s a small family church established 93 years ago and led by a single community oriented Pastor striving for us to make a difference helping others like Christ . He wants folks to remember him as “doing God’s will”.

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