Get your copy of my new e-book, “Identity Girls”!


Hello, friends! I am a young woman on a mission to help remind all you ladies out there of the incredible power you have! Women were created to be clothed in strength and dignity, but looking around at our culture today, I see so much brokenness. So much hurt. So much insecurity.

We are a generation with a serious identity crisis. We desperately want to be able to define who we are. We are constantly seeking answers and trying to figure out our ideals, beliefs, and dreams. Girls compare themselves to photo-shopped magazines. We are told that our value is in our bodies. We sometimes let our own insecurities bring us down. But what if I told you that you held power?

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you are capable of making a positive impact on the world. We are all flawed. We have all made mistakes. But we are also beautifully & wonderfully made. Our negative self-talk and low self-esteem keep us from being women of influence. You are able to rise above the hurt, the flaws, the mistakes, and the past and become a confident world changer.

This is a time and a generation filled with young women who desperately need to know they are worthy, valuable, and strong. All we need to do is change our definitions of ourselves. Often times, we allow all the wrong things to define who we are. Or maybe right now you’re not even sure of who you are anymore. What are you clothed in today? Hurt? Insecurity? Baggage?

Forget the lies this world has told you about who you are, and join me on this 30 day journey to solving the grand identity crisis.

For just $3.99, the price of our daily Starbucks run, you can help the women in your life heal, grow, and find their true purpose, calling, and identity in Christ. You can buy the PDF copy for a loved one, and with the Amazon Kindle book purchase, you are able to purchase “Identity Girls” as a gift for someone else in your life (perhaps for  a friend who is going through a difficult transition, a sister who is embarking on a new season, or a daughter in need of encouragement). My hope and prayer is that this book encourages, inspires, and challenges you to overcome insecurity and learn to define yourself as beautifully and wonderfully made.

Purchase the PDF version of “Identity Girls” that you can read easily on your computer:

Purchase the Amazon Kindle version of “Identity Girls” that you can read on your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle:

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